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Kota Beragama

Di Yahoo! Indonesia Sebenarnya, ucapan Walikota Bogor yang melarang gereja dibangun di jalan yang menyandang nama tokoh Islam setempat tidak layak mendapatkan perhatian. Terlalu tidak masuk akal. Tetapi yang kemudian menjadi menarik adalah time-line akun twitter saya yang sepanjang jumat … Continue reading

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Pendidikan Lingkungan, Catatan Pertemuan

Pendidikan Lingkungan[1] Oleh Marco Kusumawijaya 0. Kota dan Lingkungan. Hubungan antara ekologi dan kota perlu dipikirkan kembali dalam upaya mencari pembaruan-pembaruan yang mungkin untuk membuat kota dan wilayah menjadi lestari. Urgensi: Pada tahun 2007 lebih dari separuh umat manusia telah … Continue reading

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Take paradise, put up a parking lot: jakartapost.com/news/2009/05/29/take-paradise-put-a-parking-lot.html

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MAK Center for Art and Architecture-Urban Future Initiative Fellowship, Los Angeles. Public Presentation, June 4, 2008, at the Schindler House, North Kings Road, Los Angeles. By Marco Kusumawijaya (Fellow, April 4 – June 4, 2008)

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The Plight and Plea of Menteng: an epitome of Jakarta’s future.

Menteng is no longer a conservation area. This is not a statement from legal point of view, of course, but from the reality in the field. The irony is exactly that legally it is. The conservationist perspective has so long prevented it from being looked at its real, basic problem: How to maintain a comfortable living in the city’s centre. What is happening there is first of all not a destruction of a shared colonial heritage, but simply a destruction of a good quality residential neighbourhood. It is an epitome of what is happening to the whole Jakarta, as it is being turned into a gigantc machine to earn a living, with little left for living itself. Continue reading

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