Writing can be very spiritual…

…as the process is learning and unlearning.

The burden of text, which is unique to Homo sapiens, drives us to attempt to be more truthful, to initiate more enquiries and research.

That process is rewarding as it often enlightens us to see other truths and liberates us from previously perceived or known truths.

Still, it depends on our willingness to walk through the process, sense everything on the way and be ready to change. It is a pradakshina. Hope, that it is at the scale and height of Borobudur https://mkusumawijaya.wordpress.com/2011/05/17/experiencing-borobudur/ 🙏🏿😇


On the 6th of June, 2019, the second day of Idul Fitri, I found this text:

In the Java-Hindu period, devotion to spiritual forces in nature was the basis for artistic and literary activities. For example, writing poetry was a religious experience or a way to unite with god. Zoetmulder reveals that for the poet this union with the god of beauty is both a means and an end. It is a means of creating a work of beauty, his kakawin. The yoga, which is reflected in the opening stanzas, enables the poet “to bud forth spirits of beauty” (alung alango), because it unites him with the god who is beauty itself. On the other hand, it is also an end, for by the constant practice the poet will attain final liberation (moksa) in this union.” (Zoetmulder, P.J. 1974:179, in Ahmad, Jusna Joesoef, 2010:54-5)

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