Good City Indicators

Here are my indicators to evaluate how good a city is:

The distance between the city’s centre and its sources of fruits (and, by extension: vegetables).
(In Pontianak it is now 4 km for Lansium parasiticum. Twenty years ago it was 200 meters)

The distance between its centre and its source of water. 
(At the time of origin, it was zero for most cities. It is now 120 km for Jakarta, and 200 miles for Los Angeles)

Amount and frequency of sighting clean water bodies by its average citizens in daily routine.
(In Parapat the sighting of Lake Toba –100 m long, 30 km wide, is probably all the time. In Jakarta it is probably never for average citizen, especially now that some canals and rivers are fenced)

The number of children playing on the streets (or, conversely, the m2 of streets surface where children can play on, including drawing  Hopscotch.
(I see my neighbour the little twins do that about once a week on our street. They inspired me to write this)

How many average citizens actually do yoga or meditation in its parks routinely.
(A tribute to “Yoga in the Park” by Yudi)

How many 1.5-hour meetings can an average white collar do in a day.
(In Yogya you can probably do 5 if you do them in the same cafe in the south)

The distance an average 70 years old person can travel on foot from his/her home without companion. 

The number of species (other than human) thriving in it.

The number of different cultures practiced in it.

How quiet an average citizen feel about the city.

How many art show an average citizen go to every year.


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