Enter the Governor Candidates

Also in the Jakarta Globe.

One morning last week, my Twitter timeline was suddenly full with series of tweets by a new account. I later found out it belongs to a campaign team of a certain Jakarta Governor canditate.

Looking back into the last few weeks, there had been actually some candidates hopeful  that signed up  at Twitter, and perhaps also with Facebook.

They are competing for attention, “followers”, “friends” and “like”, of course, with different degrees of aggresiveness or kindness.

Some friends very promptly got cynical, understandably. But, I may have disappointed them by actually advicing them to follow all the candidates. “What, who are they? Are they worth following? What do they know about Jakarta? What have they done?” My answer is “Well, if you want to find out about them, follow them!  At least for a while until you realy cannot stand them anymore, if that would be the case.”

For, I know that being a Jakarta’s Governor is not an easy job. I know at least two former governors that had health problems because of the work pressure. The job is not easy and is actually very hard if, only if, you think about it as a serious hot seat from where you really wants to make the city a better place for all, not as a cash-cow for corruptions and glittery cushion of power. With that understanding we should actually appreciate the willingness of anyone to be a candidate, if he or she is truly guided by a noble cause.

Naturally, all  the candidates will strive for our attention. That is the only way they can be known. And we do need to know them! And hopefuly they also want to know us. There is one year to go. Hopefully, that would be a very ample time for social and other media to feed us informations, including directs tweets and FB statuses by all of them.

Now, that we have come this far with our complaints and frustration over our Jakarta, perhaps it is time to give ourselves a chance, a hope, by scrutinising critically and carefully, but without prejudice, all the candidates, by really reading and listening to their ideas, and telling them our ideas as well.

Is it too naïve to try to be positive? Maybe. But optimism is not a choice. It is a must. I want to be realistic, but I refuse to be pessimistic or cynical.

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