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What is happening to Jakarta’s Old Town?

Also in The Jakarta Globe Yesterday I toured Hwaseong Haenggung, a sojourn palace in Suwon, South Korea, originally built in 1789-1796. Most facilities were demolished under Japanese imperialism in 1910-1945. Reconstruction started in 1996, by first demolishing new buildings that … Continue reading

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Seafront, our public space

A seafront is not just a waterfront. Open sea has been bringing people to and from distant lands and cultures for millenia. It shows us horizon,too. Most cities evolved from this disposition into a cosmopiltan nature. They owe their seafronts … Continue reading

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Enter the Governor Candidates

Also in the Jakarta Globe. One morning last week, my Twitter timeline was suddenly full with series of tweets by a new account. I later found out it belongs to a campaign team of a certain Jakarta Governor canditate. Looking … Continue reading

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Transform Satpol PP into friendly bobbies.

Also in the Jakarta Globe I am realy worried about street life in Jakarta. It is heading into chaos, not anarchy. Anarchy refers to a well-thought philosophy of self-governing society with highest trust and capacity for consensus making that it … Continue reading

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