ALFP 2009 Public Symposium: Action in Dialogue towards a Responsible Society

Date: November 6 (Fri), 2009 1:00-4:30 pm

Venue: Iwasaki Koyata Memorial Hall, International House of Japan
Admission: Free (reservation is required)
Language: Japanese/English (with simultaneous translation)

People all over the world are constantly tinkering with democracy to make it serve not just the majority but the whole of humanity, as our diversity increases while we discover more about the marginalized, the oppressed, the forgotten, the discounted, and those unable to voice their interests because either they do not yet exist (our future generations) or do not speak human language (other species). The state and the market, arguably the two most important inventions of our modern day, seem to have partially failed us; the state is becoming more distant from the people, not representing fully our collective capacity and accommodating our diverse nature and needs; and the market seems to represent only our competitive nature, rather than our collaborative nature. We realize that we may have relinquished too much of our power to the state and the market, and that we need to revitalize our capacity to act as voluntary associations of individuals and communities, as people, as civil society. In this context of global challenges, Asia is emerging both as problem and solution.

The seven fellows of the ALFP, active in different fields of civil society, reflect their vision through their actions performing precisely the nitty-gritty, grass-roots efforts needed to make the modern world better serve the whole of humanity. Through dialogues among themselves, with and within the Japanese space and society, they develop and share their thoughts on the need for more Action in Dialogue towards a Responsible Society.

Session 1: Social Responsibility for a Humane Society

The Multi-Stakeholder Process for a Responsible Community
Kuroda Kaori (Japan), Co-Director, CSO Network of Japan

CSR in China: Implementation, Code of Conduct and Improvement of Working Conditions
Ma Jifang (China), Coordinator, China IEM (Independent External Monitoring), Fair Labor Association

Collaborative Civil Society towards Sustainable Cities
Marco Kusumawijaya (Indonesia), Architect; Urbanist; Director, Jakarta Arts Council

Session 2: Darkness and Light: Some Concerns of Asia

Problematics of Cultural Activism to Build a Humane Society
Tanvir Mokammel (Bangladesh), Filmmaker/Author/Director, Bangladesh Film Institute/Bangladesh Film Centre

Gun Proliferation in Asia: Limits to Dialogue, Challenges to Action
Jennifer Santiago Oreta (Philippines), Assistant Professor, Dept. of Political Science, Ateneo de Manila University

Session 3: The Role of Education for Future Generations

Education: Forming Persons in a Dialogue of Life
Andrew K. L. Soh (Malaysia), Instructor, Dept. of Philosophy, School of Humanities, Ateneo de Manila University

Dialogues for Peace and Youth Cooperation
Iqbal Haider Butt (Pakistan), Senior Partner, Development Pool

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  1. Andre Kusuma says:

    Woow.. great.. blend with intelligence and aware people from other peoples.^^ When I may join..? hihi..


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