On My Recent Life


I advertised my old place for rent. But no deal is struck yet.


Yes I enjoy living in my new place. I experience urbanity fully and authentically. I walk and bike a lot, to and from my work place, which is 30 minutes away by walking and 10 minutes by bike. So both Murayama sama and Herr Goethe are very useful to the fullest. Many friends find it easy to visit me too. …, a friend formerly teaching at New School University, New York, is now in Jakarta. Also there is  a french urban planner volunteering at the …. They are among my regular visitors once or twice a week. Besides them, of course fellow activists of all sorts. I have a nice veranda and a raised platform where we would have beer, eat gado-gado (remember what it is?), and chat in the afternoon, surrounded by all the plants that are mostly nurtured by my own hands, of which some I have brought directly from Aceh. They are all closer to my body and my soul now in this house than in the old place.


I take my son to school almost every morning with my car, but more and more he would come home by himself at noon or early afternoon. His school is only 10 minutes walk from home. I think he does enjoy it. My maid obviously enjoy this place tremendously. She remembers you and asks about you from time to time. “She looks nice and kind, doesn’t she?” she often asks, more to confirm instead of really asking, I feel. She sympathises with my work and lifestyle, apparently understanding my small role in this world, it seems.


Windchimes sound “quietly” at every blow of the wind, clearing air inside the house, and my mind too.


Yet I feel ashamed that I have not been productive (in writing and others) as of recently. There have been some bad moments and sad unfulfilled longings and desires that I have yet to overcome. Nevertheless I am glad that i find myself more or less free from any “desire to harm” (as Mahatma Gandhi defines “violence”) anything or anybody.


Apology for my rambling, that might no longer be of interest to you. I really wish you well and the best in youw own time and space. I find it poetically breathtaking to imagine you in so different time and space, and your struggle therein, while having this connection between you and me, although it had changed meaning so much for you.


Whatever your strugle is, please know that I am very confident about your future. I always think of you; I hope that helps you go through.

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