Bangkok: An Impression of Size

I entered Bangkok this time. It is denser than Jakarta. Everything is closer together. Factory’s kettles are close by. Billboards are larger. It was the first time I feel strange when looking at the size of the beautiful women on them. Suddenly, beauty has a scale, when you think about living creatures. Of course it is just a picture; but I wonder if at that size and up-close condition beauty means anything at all, given the culturally male dominated sense of female beauty, where it certainly involves the desire for sweetness, to be eventually conquered and sometimes destroyed. Oversized women can never be sweet.


The closeness to the harsh architecture of  factories, airports and seaports: what sense do they give to the inhabitants of this city?


There are funny attempts architects made on the skyline of Bangkok, which I do not remember seeing in New York, Jakarta, Berlin, and other cities. They attempted several diagonal vertical lines, which made me think precisely to the effect that straight vertical lines are so unavoidable with high rise architecture, and that nothing can really be done about it. It is really an imposition of the most basic natural law—Newtonian law—over the most cultural product of collective mankind, the metropolis. Maybe that is exactly what drives people to try to defy it.


But I had Thai massage; and hey: it has a lot of diagonal twisting stretches. Maybe Thai people really like diagonal movement. So acrobatic. Nothing sensual like the Javanese/ or Balinese movements. I speculate that it must be created for the Thai boxers.

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